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What job will get after logistics course?

Published On: Mon, May 08, 2023

What job will get after logistics course?-featured-image

  • Logistics Asst. Manager
  •  Logistic Management Executive
  •  Sales Executive in Freight Forwarding/Shipping Company
  • Documentation Executive in Freight Forwarding
  • Operations Executive in Freight Forwarding
  • Inventory Management Executive
  •  Warehouse Executive
  •  Purchase or Sourcing Executive

What job will get after logistics course.

The jobs that you will get after
completing a good course in logistics are many. The nature and position of jobs
depends on the program you have done, the institute you studied, your performance
in the interview, the placement assistance from your college etc. In this article we are
trying to give you an idea about the basic nature of jobs you may get after a good
logistics course.

1. Logistics Asst. Manager/Logistic Management Executive
The Managerial position as well as Management Executive roles are generally
secured only by those who have completed management programs from
reputed institutions. In all other cases the starting job is that of an executive
for a particular job function.

2. Sales Executive in Freight Forwarding/Shipping Company
Sales function in a freight forwarding or shipping company is a very attractive
job as growth prospects are really high. It is interesting to note that those who
have made upto senior levels in these companies generally started in sales

3. Documentation Executive in Freight Forwarding
Join the documentation department, which is the backbone of any freight
forwarding company. They ensure that the consignment moves and reaches
the correct destination without any hassles. Working in documentation
department gives you a clear understanding of the paper work.

4. Operations Executive in Freight Forwarding
Working as operations executive actually will make you perfect in the
business process of logistics movements. You will also get the capability to
solve issues.

5. Inventory Management Executive

In supply chain management, whether it be production or retail, inventory
management plays a key role. Those who complete good courses in SCM will
get an opportunity to work in this department.

6. Warehouse Executive
Warehouses offers wide range of opportunities for fresh executives. As of now
there seems to be a dearth in good warehouse executives and hence this is a
good career to build on.

7. Purchase or Sourcing Executive
The manufacturing as well as retain stores have heavy purchase
requirements, which is met by a department exclusively for the same. Supply
chain management-related courses help you join such job functions.