Our Logo The Concept!

Embodies the three primary colours denoting our students in their primary state, ready to be transformed and guided by Guiders. The tri colored tabs not only signify Knowledge, Communication and Attitude the three essential mantras for success but it also stands for the Student Red, being supported and backed by Faculty Blue and Parents Green. Set in a white and blue backdrop, where white represents purity and success in the merging of the three primary colors, the blue show knowledge and stability in a fulfilling career. The Formation of the three tabs in an arrow stands for progress surging ahead and in its shape of "greater than", it symbolizes the unparalleled status of Guiders as the frontrunner in Job Oriented Education.

Our students says

I am very happy to be part of this institution. Guiders helped me to get placed in Intersight Holidays.

- Muhammed Naheemudeen

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