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What is the salary you can get from an aviation Job?

Published On: Tue, Dec 27, 2022

What is the salary you can get from an aviation Job?-featured-image

Aviation is a good career choice for future India because it guarantees tremendous potential growth and a great career. If the candidate is interested in aircraft and passionate about aeroplanes, then this is an appropriate career for him/ her. The Aviation industry always provides the candidate with a very fascinating lifestyle for youngsters who want to travel the whole world. Each and every branch of the aviation sector has a very different needs and criteria according to the workplace.

The most attractive and best-paid sector in the world is the aviation sector. India has achieved the third position in the aviation sector in the world after USA and China. Working in the aviation sector is the most difficult task in the world and, to do this job role the candidate must have a lot of passion and dedication towards work.

Every academic year as the new batches starts at Guiders, the new challenges, the new questions of our young generation overflows but one single question that has not been changed till now is “Ma’am what is the salary can I get for an aviation Job?’ and they goes with the explanations.

In India, the starting salary of their career in aviation sector is ranges between INR 4, 00,000 to 6, 50,000 annually. At a beginner level a pilot may expect to earn an average salary around INR 4, 25,000 per annum.

Apart from the various monetary compensations, pilots and flight attendants also receive additional fringe benefits, including discounted flight tickets for themselves and their family members, additional pay for layover flights and business class seat privileges whilst flying.

The ground staff, on the other hand, do not have as many fringe benefits as much as the air staff does. An airport manager, in their first year of working, can earn up to Rs. 55,740, with the average monthly pay being Rs. 29,940. An airport attendant earns as much as a flight attendant does, with their average monthly salary being Rs. 20,000 with one year of experience. An air traffic controller, on the other hand, earns up to Rs. 36, 000 on average per month.