What is the fees of logistics courses in Kerala?

Published On: Wed, May 03, 2023

What is the fees of logistics courses in Kerala?-featured-image

Fees for good logistics courses in Kerala depends on various factors such as:

Certification Offered

The fees for logistics course vary depending on whether it is an MBA program or a diploma/PG diploma program. A certification program will be the cheaper than the above two. You should compare the fees with the topics covered, infrastructure of the college, placement assistance and various other factors. Sometimes you may be surprised to find that the overseas logistics courses are only slightly more expensive than those in India.

Stature of University/Affiliating Body

The quality and history of the university (if it is MBA) or the affiliating body in case of Diploma or PG Diploma in Logistics courses determines the fees charged. Certain PG Diploma programs are found to be more expensive that the MBA programs. You shall learn about the universities or the affiliating bodies before you decide on the course. The Logistics Sector Skill Council of National Skill Development Corporation ( offers good courses in logistics, warehouse management etc.

Market acceptance of college/institute

The college or institute in which you study is also very important factor when it comes to the fees of logistics courses in Kerala. You shall make sure that the college is reputed and having good standing in the industry. The quality of the faculty also is very important.

Duration of course

The fees for a PG Diploma or Diploma course in Logistics management for one year will be more than a certificate or diploma course in logistics management for six months. Please do not get carried away with lower fees. You should always check the duration of the course as well as whether it is taught online or offline.

Industry Exposure

The industry relevance of the course curriculum is extremely important when it comes to fees. The industry visits, internships and other exchange programs in the course also must be checked.


The placement support given by the institute/college for each student is the most important factor. Some colleges advertise 100% placement guarantee. Be careful about such advertisements. 100% placement assistance or 100% guarantee in interviews are more practical.  Some colleges increase your fees and guarantee 100% internships by having an external arrangement with the industries.