What are the No. 1 logistics courses in Kerala?

Published On: Thu, May 11, 2023

What are the No. 1 logistics courses in Kerala?-featured-image

  • MBA in Logistics Management
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management
  • BBA in Logistics
  • Diploma in Logistics & Shipping
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Shipping and Logistics
  • Diploma in Warehouse Management

What are the No. 1 logistics courses in Kerala. There are many good logistics courses offered in Kerala. The courses vary from Masters in Business Administration to Diploma programs. If MBA is studied in a reputed college then it is good, else a Diploma or PG Diploma program will be the best for you. In this blog we are covering the best logistics courses available in Kerala which can be considered No. 1

MBA programs in Logistics & SCM

The MBA programs always are designed for students who have the capabilities to fit into the management cadre from the first appointment onwards. But if a student does an MBA program and does not exhibit the expected quality in selection process then an MBA in Logistics or SCM may turn out to be a burden for him/her. Which means that you should be very careful when you select an MBA program.

Graduation programs in Logistics

Logistics courses are offered as specialization to BBA and BCom programs. Certain colleges also offer BBA / BCom along with add on programs in Logistics. You shall check out the syllabus before you choose the graduation course in logistics. Care should be given to understand the reputation and recognition of the University too. Certain colleges offer distant education BBA / BCom courses of Universities outside Kerala which shall be verified.

Diploma or PG Diploma programs in Logistics & SCM

There are lot of Diploma and PG Diploma courses in Logistics management. Various bodies like National Skill Development Corporation, BSS, STED Council provides certification for these courses. In these cases you shall verify the course curriculum and placement opportunities before you choose the course. Sometimes it is seen that having a distance degree program from an open university like IGNOU along with these Diploma or PG Diploma in Logistics Management is better than having a specialized degree course in logistics.

Diploma programs in Warehouse management

Warehousing is an integral part of Supply Chain Management. The global warehouse industry is growing at two digit numbers year on year. There are various good courses available in Warehouse management. Please check the relevancy of the topics covered in the course syllabus before you decide on a program.

There are some of the No. 1 logistics courses which are taught at the best logistics institutes in Kerala. As mentioned care shall be taken before you select the course. Various factors like reputation of the college, its years of standing, course curriculum, fees, payment terms, certification, duration of the course, 100% placement are also to be considered.