Published On: Thu, Mar 02, 2023


Cochin is home to several renowned aviation institutes, which contributes to the state's growing popularity for aviation courses.  Guiders Education provide an extensive selection of programmes, including diploma, certificate, and degree programmes in aviation management, airport management, cabin crew, ground handling, aircraft repair, and more. The pay for aviation courses in Kerala varies according to the job description, the candidate's credentials, and their experience. Following are some of Kerala's well-known aviation programmes and their typical salaries:

Aviation Administration: One of the most popular courses in Kerala is aviation management. It covers a variety of topics related to airport operations, airline management, and aviation safety. In Kerala, an aviation manager typically earns between INR 7 and 10 lakhs annually.

Another popular course that focuses on managing airports and related facilities is airport management. In Kerala, an airport manager's annual compensation ranges from INR 5-7 lakhs.

The safety and comfort of passengers on flights is the responsibility of the cabin crew, also known as flight attendants. In Kerala, a cabin crew member's annual compensation ranges between INR 3 and 5 lakhs.

Ground Handling: IATA ground handling, which includes tasks like baggage handling, cargo management, and aircraft marshalling, is an essential component of airport operations. In Kerala, a ground handler's annual compensation is from INR 2-4 lakhs.

The technical subject of "aircraft maintenance" focuses on the upkeep and repair of flying machines. In Kerala, an aviation maintenance engineer typically earns between INR 4-6 lakhs annually.

It is crucial to remember that the salaries shown above are merely estimates and may change depending on the type of business, region, experience, and qualifications of the candidate, among other variables. Also, because the aviation sector is so competitive, those with additional credentials or degrees may have better employment opportunities and earn more money.

In conclusion, Kerala's aviation programmes provide ambitious aviation professionals with a rewarding career path. To maximise professional growth and earning potential, it is crucial to select the appropriate course and institution, acquire the necessary experience and abilities, and keep up with the newest industry advances. Guiders Education guides you to build your career in this industry.