Published On: Sun, Oct 23, 2022


Mathematics never compromise with this formula but the wonderful management agree with this magic formula. 

Are you confused ??

Don't be confused, it's true

I know you are eagerly waiting for its Explanation.

Without any suspense!!!!

The matter is very simple, this is not a formula to solve, but this is a beautiful concept in management.

The outcome which derived from the collaboration of two persons will be more than the outcome from  solitary action.

Did you get it?

If your answer is no, you can go through the following example

If a person is engaged in dig a well, it is very difficult and suppose he may take 46 days to complete it. But if one more person is help him, they will take less than 23 days to complete it. That means the outcome which derived from the collaboration of two persons will be more than the outcome from solitary action.

Simply this is also known as Synergy.  You can also see this formula as two plus two equals five. Anyway, hope you got the idea. 

When we talk about Synergy, authentically we can elaborate the concept in different ways. They are

Strategic fit synergy, Resource synergy, process synergy, Sequential Synergy,

Product Synergy, Modular synergy , Financial Synergy, Market synergy, Technology Synergy etc. etc.

This concept will be true only when the parties who are involved in this activity should complement each other. Then only we will get more outcome which you get from the solitary action. The above Synergies explain where we can compliment each other or where we can have this synergy to get more outcome. This synergy start from our strategy, that means from the mental activities, or pre action activities and it develops through resources collection, processing, product, finance , marketing etc. That means it touch each and every elements of business. In other words nothing is beyond the synergy, then only this formula becomes true and fruitful.

Strategic synergy involved, what are the strategic matters can compliment each other and make more results. The parties who are involved can contribute maximum with their capacity and ability explain in the resource synergy. Resources synergy has its own role to contribute maximum output. That's why we can say that it is one of the key element of synergy. But we can not under estimate the role of product and process synergy. Accounting to a customer, he is more satisfied with the performance and attributes of a product. Product and process synergy is contribute maximum to this.

To increase the profit of business concern can be increased by two ways, that is by increasing the sale or by reducing the cost. In this sales is almost , beyond our control, but cost is somewhat in our control. So the finance synergy help us a lot to contribute maximum output with minimum cost. Here we penetrate the fields, where we can reduce the cost by complimenting the synergy each other.

Hope you got the idea.

We, all our students of guiders understand the truth and guiders admire this concept of management , one plus one equals Three. In all our  activities of guiders you can see the same. Collaboration can not be practiced without coordination and cooperation.  The essence of everything is included in this coordination and cooperation. We like to say loudly that it is the spirit of guiders.