Published On: Mon, Jan 02, 2023


1. Terminal operator

National average salary:$45,058 per year

Primary duties: A terminal operator assists airport personnel or passengers through terminal systems such as boarding, baggage or screening checkpoints. Terminal operators minimize potential delays and ensure that boarding and arrival processes are on time. A terminal operator may work with airport personnel in cargo areas to secure freight.

2. Freight coordinator

National average salary:$45,940 per year

Primary duties: A freight coordinator within the aviation industry manages cargo and air shipments. Freight coordinators may work with forklifts or other machinery to move large items to their correct placement for aircraft delivery. They maintain freight records for incoming and outgoing freight along with loading and unloading cargo.

3. Aviation manager

National average salary:$46,790 per year

Primary duties: An aviation manager works in an airport to maintain operational compliance with federal regulations. These managers oversee the hiring and training of airport personnel to ensure department performance. Aviation managers might plan flight schedules and collect aircraft reports for maintenance or flight assessments.

4. Airman

National average salary: $58,079 per year

Primary duties: An airman serves as an air force professional in roles like pilots or aviator technicians. These professionals have different ranks based on their responsibilities involving flight. Some airmen might specialize in piloting aircraft or providing flight support from a base.

5. Aircraft maintenance technician

National average salary:$54,140 per year

Primary duties: An aircraft maintenance technician diagnoses aircraft defects or problems. These technicians can replace aircraft components such as engines, starters, frames, landing gear or fuel pumps. Aircraft maintenance technicians document inspections, maintenance and repair reports for future reference.

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