Published On: Sun, Jan 08, 2023


Electronic Ticket

When electronic tickets became available for purchase for the first time, people were confused. Today, electronic tickets are commonly used, and we do not consider them an innovation. Nowadays, we just use this amazing option and do not spend much time speculating about what an e-ticket is or how it works. But first, let's look at some more facts and highlight the fantastic opportunities made possible by electronic tickets.

E-tickets are used more and more often as they are very comfortable and fast to issue in comparison to paper tickets. Everybody with access to the internet can book an e-ticket online for a trip, a concert, or to enter a museum. Internet opens plenty of opportunities for us these days, and we can buy electronic tickets for the holidays in advance of our trip without spending hours in a queue.

How does an e-ticket work?

E-tickets work like this: after you complete your purchase, you receive a copy of an electronic ticket by email, print it out, and take it with you to the airport or to the venue. E-tickets will be scanned at the gates of the airport, or if this is some special event, the electronic ticket will be scanned at the entrance. E-tickets can be scanned directly from your mobile device, and you will not need to print them out, but remember to take a hard copy with you and not waste paper.

What are the advantages of electronic tickets?

  • The main advantage of e-ticketing is that you can book, purchase, and print out the electronic ticket any time, 24 hours a day.
  • You can pay for the e-ticket with your credit card online without leaving your work or home.
  • You can print the e-ticket wherever it is convenient for you; you are no longer required to visit a travel agency to obtain a ticket for a flight or train. You do not have to plan a visit to buy tickets for your favourite concert—just book it online!
  • The electronic version of the ticket is kept in a special database, which makes it impossible to lose. If you happen to lose an email with your flight confirmation, you can get a copy of the e-ticket for the flight again at no additional cost.
  • E-tickets give you the freedom to plan trips yourself and design the route according to your preferences, selecting the most convenient time for departures and arrivals, and planning to visit various places.
  • There is no need to wait for the courier to deliver your ticket; you are not spending time going to the travel office to pick it up.
  • One more advantage of e-tickets is that you are not wasting time on the registration process. All you need to do is login to the travel website to make a reservation or purchase the ticket.
  • You can buy the electronic tickets not only for yourself but also for your family members and friends.
  • It may happen that travel plans change and you will have to change your airline or train ticket. To make changes to the e-ticket, you should carefully read the conditions of the e-ticket you purchase.
  • Pay attention to the penalties section and return policy. Each e-ticket has a separate list of rules and conditions, and you need to make sure all the conditions are OK for you.
  • This must be done before the e-ticket is purchased. After the purchase, if this is a flight ticket, for example, you may be allowed to change it, but additional costs will be charged.