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Choosing the Best Aviation Institute in Kerala: What to Look For

Published On: Sun, Jun 02, 2024

Choosing the Best Aviation Institute in Kerala: What to Look For-featured-image

The Global Aviation Industry is growing exponentially, with new opportunities arising every single day, and the best aviation institute in Kerala will help you grab such opportunities. The demand for candidates in the aviation industry is reaching new records in the post-pandemic world where almost every major company and airport authorities are hiring in bulk. This is the best time for individuals who want to build a career in the aviation industry. A globally recognized institute is the only way you can achieve your dream career in aviation. So, if you are also searching for the best aviation institute in Kerala, this blog will help you with that. Today, we will discuss some factors to consider while searching aviation colleges. Let's get into it.

Aviation Courses Overview

Before proceeding further, it's important to learn the aviation course details. Aviation courses are professional courses that help individuals gain knowledge about the aviation industry. From its operations to procedures and management to customer support, these courses let you understand the functioning of the global aviation industry in detail. Remember these courses have no relation with Pilot positions. They are mainly associated with the operations and functions of airports, flights and air freight. With the continuous increase in airports, flights and air freight volume, there are endless opportunities in the aviation industry and these courses lay the foundation of a dream career.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best Aviation Institute In Kerala

The Indian Aviation Industry is massive, and it will boom in future, creating endless opportunities for millions. Moreover, the participation of global aviation giants in the Indian aviation industry is increasing rapidly, leading to competitive salary packages, international exposure and a variety of options. In such situations, enrolling in aviation courses in Kerala is the best decision. Kerala is home to multiple aviation institutes, but you have to choose the best one for you. To make things easier, consider the below factors while choosing the best aviation colleges in Kerala.


Aviation courses are different from other courses because the aviation industry requires practical knowledge rather than theoretical. So, to ensure practical knowledge, aviation institutes must have advanced infrastructure & amenities. Modern connectivity to digital classrooms enhances the learning experience and makes quality education within reach of everyone. Guiders Academy has a world class infrastructure for the highest quality education and a positive environment. Coming to students' amenities, Guiders is a champion as it extensively focuses on student comfort, physical & mental health and flexible schedules.


An institute shines because of its curriculum. Courses are worthless without modern and international standard curricula. Aviation courses require an updated curriculum and syllabus to thrive in the competitive world. Guiders Academy knows how fast the world changes, and thus, they always incorporate the latest syllabus and international standard curriculum. Due to this, students gain the latest knowledge and industry-leading concepts. Their courses are designed by experienced alumni and industry leaders, ensuring the best knowledge to students. Additionally, their courses offer in-depth knowledge about every concept and topic. Most importantly, one will get fundamental knowledge about supporting concepts and subjects, giving an edge over other candidates.

Certifications & Accreditations

Yes, this is very important. Accreditations and certifications help institutes and academies stand out from the crowd and attract the best minds. Certifications matter a lot in the aviation management course because organizations and airport authorities prefer candidates from accredited institutes only. Guiders Academy is a highly reputed and accredited aviation institute in Ernakulam. Their diploma courses are certified by prestigious national authorities like BSS and accredited by the globally recognized International Air Transport Association(IATA). Such certifications and accreditations are enough to impress any employer in the aviation industry.

Skill Development

As mentioned, the aviation industry doesn't rely on theoretical knowledge only. Skills are most important in the aviation industry. A person with an impressive skill set has a high chance of clearing all recruitment processes. Guiders Academy focuses more on skills and practical knowledge. Thus, they train their students on the necessary skill sets. The best thing about the institute is it doesn't leave any skills for the future. This helps students reach higher positions in the least time, or in some cases, students start their careers with senior positions. A large skill set in aviation leads to better salaries and high incentives.

Placement Assistance

Doesn't matter how big your skill set and how knowledgeable you are; a student always faces some challenges in getting jobs as a fresher. Due to the involvement of AI and excessive competition, students may take a long time to get a decent job. In such cases, institutes play an important role by providing them with placement assistance. Another reason why Guiders is the best aviation academy in Kochi is its placement records. The institute invites several national and international companies to provide students with job opportunities before their course completion. In many cases, they provide internship opportunities so that candidates gain industry experience.

Personality Development

Knowledge and skills may help you enter the professional world, but you can't survive longer without soft skills and an attractive personality. The role of soft skills and personality is highest in the aviation industry. Without that, you can't grow a single inch. Guiders Academy, with its experienced alumni, ensures the personality development of all students. Special soft skills classes and events are held to promote confidence and motivation among students. The institute also creates a professional environment so that students are well-prepared to face the challenging professional world.

Variety Of Options

Surprisingly, there are very few institutes in India that offer multiple aviation courses. While selecting aviation colleges, it is important to look at whether they have options for people from different educational backgrounds. Guiders Academy is one of the best aviation colleges in Kerala in terms of options. From short-term courses to diplomas and regular graduate programs they offer multiple aviation courses for everyone. One can select any option irrespective of their educational background. Their diplomas and courses don't require any specific background. The only condition is intermediate completion. 

Industry Level Training

The aviation industry prefers industry-specific skills and experience over degrees and certifications. Yes, degree and certification increase a candidate's value, but it is not essential if a person is equipped with the necessary skill set and experience. Guiders Academy welcomes everyone; thus, they provide industry-level training to candidates. If someone has a diploma or degree in aviation from another institute and wants to gain industry-level experience, he can join Guiders. Notably, this training is included in their diploma courses so you don't need to pay for such training. With flexible learning and on-campus training, one can easily start a career in aviation at any time. Such short-term training boosts career growth incredibly.


Now, you are ready to explore the best aviation colleges and courses. The above guide will help you choose the best Aviation Institute in Kerala or anywhere. Once you cross check all the factors mentioned above, you are going to revolutionize your career. This is because all these factors ensure the highest quality education, professional experience, personality development and, of course, instant placements in global organizations. The best thing is you don't have to worry about competition because you are well prepared for the future. And we all know that Guiders Academy successfully fulfills all factors indicating its presence in top aviation colleges in Kerala. Now it's your time to take one step and fill out their admission enquiry form.


What Aviation diploma courses does Guiders Academy offer?

Guiders Academy offers several courses like Diploma in Airport Management, IATA Passenger Ground Services (PGS), etc.

Is there any full-time graduate program in Aviation?

Yes, Guiders Academy offers a full-time graduate program in Aviation. This program is a BBA with Aviation - Tourism. It's a three-year regular graduate degree program.

What is the duration of courses in Guiders Academy?

Different courses have different durations like short-term courses have a six six-month duration, while diploma courses have one year and degree programs have a three-year duration.

Does Guiders Academy Offer training certificates?

Yes, Guiders Academy offers certificates for everything you do in the academy. Our certificates are highly valuable and recognized.