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Published On: Sun, Feb 05, 2023

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 On Why You Should Consider A Career In Logistics
Logistics is very important for any company as, without its proper
execution, the company would cease to function and there would chaos all
over the organization. Just imagine a situation if a production department
does not receive raw materials on time, how will it start its manufacturing
process. A logistics manager looks after all the operations. The in-house
logistics process then works with outbound logistics management for
products and services to get distributed.
Following are some of the reasons why you should consider a career in
1. More Opportunities in Logistics
As the world economy is getting closer, multinational companies and
corporate giants are looking forward to Logistics for new opportunities. As
per the estimates of the US Department of Labour, the jobs in Logistics
would continue to grow by 25.5 percent from 2010 to 2020. In this field than
at least 27,800 jobs more are expected to be generated.
2. Logistics positions are available for anyone
It is a general assumption that a Career in logistics needs an advanced
degree but it also depends on which logistics field you are interested in.
Naturally, you need a Bachelors' degree if you want the job at the senior
level but there are also jobs as truck drivers, warehouse workers, and
forklift operators. There is always a scope of growth in Logistics and
opportunities for advancement are also many, besides the department
provides training programs for aspiring candidates, and promotions are
also quite common. Hard workers and innovative persons can reach a
higher hierarchy level quickly and positively.
3. Logistics plays a most critical role in the defence Industry
 The four years of experience they get in an army is enough for gaining the
position as a mid-level logistics in any organization or manufacturing unit.
4. There is no geographic limitation to Start Career in Logistics
Logistics is not confined to any particular geographic area or a specific
industry. You can begin a Career in Logistics from anywhere or in any part
of the world and in any industry or a company. Nearly all companies or
organizations require Logistics workers and a few industries like the army,
the oil industry, and the coal industry are the hubs of Logistics.
5. A career in Logistics management is Very Interesting

People who are already working in this field know how interesting it is.
Every day there is a new task ahead and a new challenge. In this industry
there are a multitude of tasks. They have to show responsibility, diligence,
intelligence, shrewdness, and make proper strategies and plans. After all,
they have to keep, transport, and deliver each and every item securely and
that too as scheduled. Their tasks become difficult when it involves
transportation and delivery on higher altitudes where roads are rough and
risky, and when goods have to be carried across oceans, through forests,
and even in war zones. There are a lot of risks and stakes involved in this
occupation. Only the adventurous, the most experienced and skilled people
can achieve this feat.
6. Increasing Opportunities for women in Logistics.
A career in Logistics was traditionally held by men and in many nations still,
men are dominating in this area. But slowly the situation is changing as
now women are also holding top positions in logistics and are doing their
job perfectly well.
7. Logistics is a Global profession, and it gives you an entry into
International Business
People who have started their career in logistics can also gain quick
experience in doing international business and develop new skills. This
business gives you much exposure to meet people across the lands and
even learn their language and culture. You can also learn to do business

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