5 best logistics management courses?

Published On: Mon, May 01, 2023

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  • MBA in Logistics Management
  • NSDC Diploma in Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • IATA Supply Chain and Transport Modes
  • Diploma in Warehouse Management

Five best logistics courses which you can choose for your career are the following:

  • MBA in Logistics Management

Masters in Business Administration is always a good program which enhances your value and suits you if you are aiming for management cadre in the beginning itself. Only universities can offer you an MBA certificate. The top business schools in India generally offers generic MBA rather than industry specific MBA like MBA in Logistics, unlike overseas Universities. So as a first step you decide whether you can afford to study MBA abroad or in India. If you choose overseas MBA education we suggest you to approach a good study abroad consultant. But if you choose to study in India then find out good institutes who offer MBA in Logistics Management. If you end up doing your MBA from a mediocre institute, you may find that your placements are at par with Diploma or PG Diploma holders in Logistics Management.

  • Diploma or PG Diploma in Logistics Management

If you analyze yourself and find that you are more suitable for a junior executive and then later grow to a supervisory / managerial role, it is better that you join a Diploma or PG Diploma course in Logistics Management. Following are the parameters you need to keep in mind:

  1. Join PG Diploma courses only if you have a graduation certificate.
  2. Convince yourself that the certificate for Diploma or PG Diploma are offered by reputed bodies with long standing.
  3. Understand the full course fee and ensure that there are no hidden charges.
  4. Get the fee payment terms in writing
  5. Check whether the logistics course if taught online or offline
  6. Find out about GST
  7. Avoid joining institutes which have just commenced business
  8. See how convincing and genuine the sales counsellors are
  9. Understand the duration of course
  10. Understand about their 100% placement guarantee or support policies.
  • IATA Supply Chain and Transport Modes

This is one good logistics course offered by IATA. IATA is a well renowned and world-famous organization. Since IATA is an airline body more emphasize is given to air cargo than other modes of transport. But in any case, the content of this program is very good. In this case also you please search for IATA institutes with good history unless you do the course online directly from IATA

  • Diploma in Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management is a very good course. This is a subset of SCM. The scope of warehouse management is growing worldwide as international logistics is gaining more importance these days. A good warehouse executive has got lot of career prospects worldwide. With the advent of amazon, Walmart etc. even rural areas and agricultural regions have unbelievable surge of warehouses including refrigerated warehouses. A good course in warehouse management will help you to find a job easily. Since jobs are easy, there are many institutes who offer 100% placement guarantee for warehouse management courses. The steps explained above for identifying best Diploma course in Logistics Management or best PG Diploma course in Logistics Management are applicable for finding best courses in warehouse management too.