10 High-paying Aviation Jobs

Published On: Fri, Dec 30, 2022

10 High-paying Aviation Jobs-featured-image

1. Flight instructor

National average salary: $66,338 per year

Primary duties: A flight instructor is an aviation professional that trains students to fly aircraft. They teach flight safety protocols and basic aircraft operation, including flight conditions, cockpit instruments and maintenance checks. These instructors can specialize in how to operate, take off and land certain aircraft like helicopters, airplanes or jets.

2. Terminal manager

National average salary:$67,259 per year

Primary duties: A terminal manager oversees terminal operations for air delivery services. Terminal managers ensure compliance with safety checks and shipping regulations. These managers may review shipment load plans to maintain adequate balances for safe deliveries.

3. Aerospace technician

National average salary:$70,477 per year

Primary duties: An aerospace technician specializes in developing tests to ensure the safety of aerospace components. These technicians work with manufacturing teams to install or repair aircraft systems. Aerospace technicians calibrate software systems to ensure they're fully functioning to prevent potential errors during flight.

4. Aircraft mechanic

National average salary:$70,863 per year

Primary duties: An aircraft mechanic performs routine aircraft inspections and control system adjustments to meet equipment standards. These mechanics test aircraft components to diagnose issues and conduct necessary repairs. Aircraft mechanics can replace aircraft components with electrical or mechanical malfunctions.

5. Pilot

National average salary:$84,439 per year

Primary duties: A pilot conducts aircraft safety inspections before and after a flight to ensure that the aircraft is functioning properly. Pilots assess weather conditions throughout a flight to anticipate and minimize flight risks. A pilot documents their flight information and communicates with support operators during flight emergencies and when taking off or landing.

6. Test engineer

National average salary:$87,255 per year

Primary duties: A test engineer can specialize in maintaining aircraft systems for performance optimization. Test engineers conduct diagnostic tests on electrical and mechanical systems to identify issues. These engineers administer system repairs and updates to solve and prevent issues.

8. Airport executive

National average salary:$98,980 per year

Primary duties: An airport executive develops and implements policies for airports. They oversee airport department management and plan budgets. Airport executives oversee airport maintenance, maintain and update airport records.

9. Airport manager

National average salary:$37,914 per year

Primary duties: An airport manager oversees airport operations and implements safety policies and procedures. Airport managers conduct routine checks to ensure aircraft maintenance and federal regulation compliance. These managers may evaluate expenses and negotiate contracts to optimize resources and increase profit margins.

10. Paramedic

National average salary:$42,354 per year

Primary duties: A flight paramedic assesses passengers to administer adequate treatments. Flight paramedics might provide first aid, such as dressing wounds or administering medication. These paramedics can offer temporary care until a passenger can receive treatment at a medical facility.