Rules and Regulations For Face Painting

It is a team event, which consists of 2 participants.

The theme will be given only at the time of the competition.

Questions will be asked based on the theme.

Maximum 1and half hour will be allowed for the participants to complete their task.

All the required materials for the competition such as brush, paints etc. are to be brought by the participants themselves.

Only professional makeup (cosmetics) and paint product made specifically for the skin including metallic, neon and interference paints can be used.

Competitors MAY USE any or all of the following items:

Regular prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses will be allowed on the models and artists.

Skin-safe adhesives & adhesive removers.

Paint brushes, makeup brushes, sponges, sponge-tipped applicators, a stylus (a tool that makes “dots”). The end of the paint brush may also be used to make dots.

Glitter in loose, gel or liquid form (glitter must be polyester glitter only)

Gemstones (stones may have adhesive backing or be applied with skin-safe adhesive)

Competitors MAY NOT use:

Acrylic paints and other commercial paints including tempera paint, craft paint, textile paint, airbrush paint (such as Createx brand and other brands), etc.

An airbrush system

Stencils or stamps of any kind.

Masks over any part of the face.

Prosthetic pieces that are glued or taped to the face (that is fake cuts, scars, warts, noses, etc.)

False eyelashes, special effects contact lenses, novelty eyeglasses or sun glasses.